K.L.E. Society's

Shri Kadasiddheshwar Arts College & H.S.Kotambri Science Institute,

(Accredited by NAAC at ‘A’ Grade with 3.18 CGPA in third cycle)

Vidyanagar, Hubballi-580031

Faculty Members

Sl no Name Designation Qualification
1 Shri. KhanagoudraLecturerM.A., Ph.D
2 Shri. S. A. Patil Lecturer M.A.M.Phil
3 Smt. R. G. ShindeLecturerM.A

Events 18-19

1. Two Day International Conference on ‘Role of Literature and Journalism in the Context of Nationalism in Pre-Independence India’ on 7th and 8th of September 2018.The Conference was Inaugurated by Dr. Pran Jaggi of Newyork & Dr. Harish Arora of Delhi University, was the Keynote Speaker.

2. Hindi Day was celebrated on 28-09-2018 and the Guest Speaker was Dr. S. K. Pawar.

Students Activities 2018-19

1. Four of the students have participated in the Elocution competition conducted by DBHP Sabha, Dharwad on 03-09-2018 . Mr. Kartik Raikar won the Second prize in this competition.

2. Miss. Maithili Nargund participated in Patriotic song competition conducted by Nehru Arts, Science & Commerce college, Hubballi on 29-01-2019.